A Denver Apartment Community to Cut Down Errands with Ease


Social distancing may have temporarily freed us from the trouble of office work, but time stops for no individual. Whether you’re looking to work remotely to earn a living, you have some errands at home that you want to clear out, or you’re simply looking for an easier way to go about your day, our luxury apartment community at Alexan 20th Street Station has everything you need to make it possible.

For starters, complete all your assignments for the week without leaving your comfort zone by using our high-tech work lounge, where you can focus in private work pods, discuss charts with co-workers over coffee in the presentation-ready conference room, and connect to servers all over the world throughout our complimentary Wi-Fi access. Pick up online orders and gifts with ease through our package concierge kiosk, which is secure and open all day long. Save some funds on gas or cut a few minutes from your morning commute by riding around on your bike and storing it in our handy repair facilities, or charge up and cut fuel by using our efficient electric car charging stations in our controlled-access garage. Pamper Fido and Mr. Whiskers in our pet-friendly community, which includes a fully-equipped paw spa. Finally, take a break from your hassles, settle down by the warmth of a hearty fire pit, and simply admire the beautiful Denver view from our 5th floor rooftop decks

Cut down on errands and keep yourself busy while at home at Alexan 20th Street Station. Try out our convenient and comfortable Denver luxury apartment community for yourself.

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