A Diligent and Delightful Denver Apartment Community


There’s no sense of satisfaction that quite matches what you feel when you finish a difficult or time-consuming task, whether it was a home improvement project you’ve been perfecting for the past few weeks, or you just turned the last pieces of data or content for a complex assignment at the office for the fiscal quarter. Our delightful luxury apartment community at Alexan 20th Street Station makes it easier to find accomplishment right from your comfort zone, thanks to the handy amenities that we offer all your residents.

First of all, our work pod stations are perfect for those who want to work on school or office projects without having to wander too far from home. Their comfortable and private design allows you to focus on your content creation, while our complimentary wi-fi access lets you research or collaborate with co-workers online with great ease. We even have a presentation-capable conference room for those who like to discuss charts over coffee. Want to save on gas emissions on your commute to work? Charge up with one of our efficient electric car charging stations in our parking garage, or grab your bike from our handy storage and repair centers and ride through downtown Denver on fair weather days. Pick up important packages at any hour using our round-the-clock package concierge kiosk. Finally, don’t forget to pamper Fido or Mr. Whiskers in our pet-friendly community and our fully-equipped pet spa.

Stay determined and feel accomplished every day here at Alexan 20th Street Station. Take a look at our efficient and delightful luxury apartment community in Denver today.

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