Billiards table and comfy seating in the clubroom - Fun Around Every Corner

Fun Around Every Corner

Adulthood may have more responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. Find fun around every corner at Alexan 20th Street Station in Denver, Colorado. Here you can find plenty of fun community amenities perfect for sharing with friends. You can always come home to comfy luxury apartment features for a heavy dose of relaxation. No matter the floorplan you choose, you can find the perfect comforts of home. Discover the life waiting for you in Denver only at Alexan 20th Street Station.

Super Fun

For starters, our two 5th-floor decks are great hangout spots for kids and adults alike. Circle up around the toasty fire features and share heartwarming and hilarious stories. Roast up delicious treats on our modern grilling stations while admiring the...

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Gourmet kitchen at Alexan 20th Street Station - Festive Denver Luxury Apartment

Festive Denver Luxury Apartment

2020 is in the home stretch. With New Year’s Eve almost in sight, now is the time for cooking turkeys and holiday shopping. All this gets easier with a festive Denver luxury apartment at Alexan 20th Street Station. Feast more than your eyes on comfy apartment features and fun community amenities. Every minute you spend at home is pure bliss. When you go out, you can enjoy all that...

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A3 one bed/one bath at Alexan 20th Street Station- Enjoy Yourself with Effortless Luxury

Enjoy Yourself with Effortless Luxury

Everyone deserves to find their unique place in this world. Why not make it luxurious? Enjoy yourself with effortless luxury in the A3 one-bedroom at Alexan 20th Street Station luxury apartment homes in Denver, Colorado. See what a difference that seven hundred twenty-seven square feet of fantastic apartment features can make in your life. Your comfy home makes settling into the rhythm of...

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Duck confit on the bone - Dine-In at Brasserie Brixton - pic by Heather T.

Dine-In at Brasserie Brixton

Nothing can prepare you for the thrill of finding a new luxury apartment home at Alexan 20th Street Station in Denver, Colorado. Take your time adapting to a relaxed pace of life that is never dull. Denver is full of upscale shopping and dining choices, like dine-in at Brasserie Brixton. Spend your first weekend living in Denver, exploring all this vibrant city has to offer. Wherever your...

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Fire features and comfy seating at Alexan 20th Street Station - Weekends Are Back in a Big Way

Weekends Are Back in a Big Way

If you are lucky enough to work from home, you may have noticed signs of your relaxing weekends disappearing. Weekends are back in a big way once you live at Alexan 20th Street Station, luxury apartment homes, in Denver, Colorado. Dive into relaxing community amenities when you want to keep the good times rolling close to home. When you do venture out with your friends, you have all of Denver...

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