A1 one bed one bath - Live Each Day in Luxury

Live Each Day in Luxury

What makes you happy? When you need something extra reach for pure indulgence. Live each day in luxury at Alexan 20th Street Station, luxury apartment homes. These Denver gems give you the upscale lifestyle you deserve. Where does luxury begin? Pure comfort starts with the right home. Find all the bedrooms. Each layout is warm and inviting. Throw a party; your friends will love your luxury apartment features as much as you do. Your days belong to beauty. Boost your after work routine with fantastic community amenities and reconnect with your neighbors. Make time to unplug and get your downtime back. It’s time to relax. See and be seen on the 5th-floor decks, feel the burn in the fitness center, or mingle in the resident lounge. Dump your stress and get with kicking back every...

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Enjoy Happiness in Denver

Happiness can be found in the little things: a favorite meal, a warm and hearty drink, equally warm and hearty laughter shared with friends, and just a familiar place that acts as your second home. Here at Alexan 20th Street Station, we have no shortage of restaurants nearby that can fill all those qualities thanks to our great Denver location, so all you need is a decent tank of gas and a...

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luxury Denver apartment community

Luxury Denver Apartment Community of Leg Days and Leisure

A good exercise routine and healthy diet are keys to a long, fruitful life. Even something as simple as a thirty-minute walk through the park or lifting weights at the gym can boost your metabolism, immune system,...

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Denver Apartments with Home-Cooked Greatness

Perhaps it’s because you’ve made it by hand, or perhaps you’re just grateful you’re not spending five times worth its value at a restaurant, but there’s a certain joy in eating in the comfort of your own...

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Denver one-bedroom apartments

A7: Roomy and Relaxing Denver One-Bedroom Apartments

Space is more important for a home than we can sometimes realize. After all, a few extra square inches can make the difference between walking through the halls without issue or getting stuck while trying to shuffle...

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