denver luxury apartment amenities

Denver Luxury Apartments

Welcome home to the life you have always wanted. At Alexan 20th Street Station, you can discover personal luxury as you have never experienced. Start your journey surrounded by luxury apartment features that enhance your comfort and entice your senses. Don’t be surprised when your friends pick your new home as their favorite hot spot. Welcome them and your new neighbors to share community amenities that create special opportunities to socialize and connect – especially over a long weekend. But your new adventure in living well doesn’t end in your community but extends to your surrounding neighborhood. Your new neighborhood is perfect for a long night out on the town with friends. Your next favorite restaurant is just around the corner. Start the evening with dinner, or meet up...

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A1 1bed/1bath love

A1 – 1bed/1bath

Your next home should be perfect – begin with a space you love. Start your dream life at the Alexan 20th Street Station in Denver Colorado. Happiness is defined by more than square footage. How your layout flows in the floor plan you choose can have a deep impact. Here, you can enjoy the easy living of a spacious layout that is inviting to friends. Feel comfortable sharing your personal...

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A Great Start to Your Day in Denver

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, an almost irrefutable fact. It’s the meal that gives you the energy you need to jump start your day, and skipping it only leaves you drained and uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are plenty of breakfast options near our luxury apartments in Denver at Alexan 20th Street Station to make the most of every morning, whether you stop by the local...

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Denver Apartments

Denver Apartments for Healthy Lifestyles

It’s easy to admire someone with a healthy attitude and body: someone who takes the effort to exercise every day, to eat fulfilling and balanced foods, and to take care of themselves in such a good manner. Whether you aspire to that ideal lifestyle or you’re already living it, our luxury Denver apartments at Alexan 20th Street Station make it easy to achieve, thanks to our fit amenities...

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denver luxury apartments

Denver Luxury Apartments

Luxury deserves a grand entrance. Take your place center stage at the Alexan 20th Street Station in Denver.  Find more than just luxury apartments. Feel the glamour of apartment features created for your comfort. Your luxury experience never ends at your doorstep. Indulge yourself and your friends with community amenities for the perfect long weekend. Start planning the parties you will host...

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