Dine-In at Brasserie Brixton

Duck confit on the bone - Dine-In at Brasserie Brixton - pic by Heather T.

Nothing can prepare you for the thrill of finding a new luxury apartment home at Alexan 20th Street Station in Denver, Colorado. Take your time adapting to a relaxed pace of life that is never dull. Denver is full of upscale shopping and dining choices, like dine-in at Brasserie Brixton. Spend your first weekend living in Denver, exploring all this vibrant city has to offer. Wherever your adventures take you, stylish apartment features and soothing community amenities are waiting for you at home. Isn’t it time to start living the lifestyle you dreamed of at Alexan 20th Street Station?

Brasserie Brixton

Get your fix of fine French cuisine at Brasserie Brixton. Who can describe the experience better than their fans? Heather T. shares on Yelp, “Ok so I’ve been here twice in one week it is so good. I mean so good. Like drop your plans and make a reservation immediately good. The shining star for me by far is the duck entrée. It’s essentially duck confit on the bone. The skin is perfectly crispy and the meat is oh so tender that it just falls off the bone. Served with slightly bitter escarole and mushrooms with dollops of bordelaise sauce, this dish hits all the senses…The service is top notch as well and I’ve been fortunate to have the same server both times. She’s incredible! So to summarize, make your reservation, go, eat, enjoy. Bon Appetite.” Delicious.

Try dine-in at Brasserie Brixton once you live at Alexan 20th Street Station in Denver, Colorado. Schedule your tour today!

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