Guard and Grace near Alexan 20th Street Station

Guard and Grace

The best part of living in Denver is the local restaurants. Find something delicious as soon as you move in at Alexan 20th Street Station luxury apartment homes in the heart of Denver. Your new neighborhood has no shortage of dining, drinking, and entertainment choices. Living in the heart of Denver helps, with most of your stops within walking distance, if you don’t mind a flurry or two. You can come home to the warmth of pure luxury. Wrap yourself in comfort on a level you have never experienced before. You can always find the time to take care of yourself after a long week. Best of all, you can enjoy community amenities that help you unplug and reconnect with your new neighbors. Grab your new crew and let them show you their favorite restaurants. They probably have a few great microbrew recommendations, as well. Clear your calendar for fun.

Guard and Grace

Make time for occasions worth celebrating. Guard and Grace is the best place in Denver to mark your victories with your friends. First-time customers often become fans – Brittney C. shares, “Now, we food! And baby when I tell you we did the food. I’m just going to say it right now… order the Brussels sprouts. It’s the best thing on the menu. Even better than the truffle mac n cheese. The truffle mac n cheese was delicious but the Brussels sprouts were smack ya mama good. We shared the artichoke dip and it was so so good. I could’ve eaten that by myself. I ordered the Aged Bone-in Rib Eye because that’s the only type of cut of steak I prefer. You gotta order it medium rare. Now, I think my steak was a little more than medium rare but it was still delicious. The presentation was phenomenal. As for my drink, I couldn’t get past this whiskey/sage drink. Let’s just say I had too many to remember the name but I can tell you it is on their happy hour drink menu. My friends I was with said they have come for happy hour before and it’s bomb. I will definitely be back for that.”

Enjoy Guard and Grace near Alexan 20th Street Station and start recording more of your victories with the right place to celebrate.

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