High-End Mexican Cuisine in Denver


It’s hard to over-appreciate the quality of flavor that Mexican cultures bring onto their plates, whether through their filling meals of paella and chorizo combined with seafood, or their simple street snacks like tacos and churros. Alexan 20th Street Station features some of the best Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine within its luxury apartment neighborhood, so you’re never too far from a fantastic meal inspired by the heart of Mexico.

Ambli Mexico is a local Denver restaurant dedicated to giving authentic Mexican flavor upon every bite. It’s the fourth highest rated restaurant in Denver according to TripAdvisor reviewers, and it’s located only six miles away from our luxury apartments, meaning that you and your party can drive there and savor suppertime in under twenty minutes. Ambli Mexico’s menu caters exclusively to families and large parties: the more you can bring with you, the merrier. Start out your travel to the South with amazing appetizers like their refreshing ceviche, their cocktail bites of guacamole or poblano dip, and the pollo pibil sopes with achiotes; afterwards, move onto their gigantic entrée servings, which can serve up to four people, such as pollo rostizado with poblano mashed potatoes, Spanish pulpo – or breaded octopus, chicharron pork bell with tomato jalapeno sauce. Adults can savor their large selection of local and international cocktails and beverages, including premium tequila and frozen margaritas. Finally, don’t forget to finish things off with a delicious dessert like their dulce de leche flan or the seasonal sorbet.

Bring Mexican cuisine into your mealtime at Alexan 20th Street Station. Stop by our Denver luxury apartments and Ambli Mexico for an unforgettable culinary treat.

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