Laughter and Merriment in Denver


Some folks like to spend their free time playing puzzles and challenging their minds, others like to gather their friends together – even virtually – to chat and connect with mirth, and others still like to expand their palate by trying new foods or enjoying something they haven’t made in their own kitchen. Here at Alexan 20th Street Station, our luxury apartments are surrounded by great venues where you can do a combination of all three, giving you plenty of opportunities to make every minute count, and fight off monotony with laughter and merriment.

If you’re looking for a fun game for you and your friends to play, you don’t have to look any further than at Escapology, one of Denver’s top escape room destinations. It’s located only a tenth of a mile away from our luxury apartments, so you and a group of five friends can gather at home and walk to your reserved room in under five minutes. Right now, Escapology features six unique escape room scenarios, ranging from solving a cyber crime before you’re framed to escaping a sinking submarine, and you’re given an hour to solve puzzles, cooperate, and reach the exit before time runs out. Best part is, even if you fail, you’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun. Escapology is also the only escape room venue to also come with a restaurant and bar, so you can bring drinks into the room with you or grab some delicious lunch or dinner to celebrate at home.

Laughter and merriment at Alexan 20th Street Station. Reserve a room at Escapology and a tour of our Denver luxury apartments for your next adventure.

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