Natural Stress Relief and Care in Denver


Everyone deserves a day to themselves, whether to recover from pressures at the office, a particularly cumbersome allergy season, or even an emotionally tasking family event such as a reunion or school project. Our luxury apartments at Alexan 20th Street Station make it easy to escape from the hardships of daily life and find care in nature. One place in our Denver neighborhood takes you as close to nature as possible – that is, without the need to drive all the way up the Rocky Mountains.

Five Star Salt Caves is a contemporary day spa and wellness resort in the heart of downtown Denver, highly rated for its effective salt therapy theme and its soothing massage and body treatments. Its biggest signature is its beautiful salt cave, a large room coated from top to bottom in Himalayan salts, which has been proven to reduce allergens in the air and reduce the EM radiation we experience when we’re exposed to technology. You can simply spend an hour in the salt cave to unwind and relax from a tough day, you can opt for a hands-on massage treatment to ease your achy muscles and feel rejuvenated, or you can step into the toasty full-spectrum infrared sauna to warm your entire body and feel utter relief in every part of your being. There’s even a salt room experience for kids, so mothers can have some extra peace of mind. Best of all, the Five Star Salt Caves Spa is only three miles away from our luxury apartments, a mere ten-minute drive away.

Immerse yourself in the care of nature here at Alexan 20th Street Station. Make an appointment to see our Denver luxury apartments and the Five Star Salt Caves for a truly refreshing weekend experience.

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