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"This is the most accommodating apartment building I have ever had the opportunity to live in. All of the residents and staff are also very friendly and considerate"
"My experience with The Alexan on 20th Street Station has been wonderful. They are very accommodating and helpful. Great location and better view from the rooftop pool."
"Great move in experience! Everyone has been amazing and super friendly and helpful all on the very first day! :) Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a super fun and amazing apartment community!"
"I really like living here. I am looking forward to this years resident events. The staff is very attentive and the building is always clean."
"I have really loved living here - the apartment and appliances are great, the people who work here and the maintenance team are great, and I love the amenities. I also really appreciate the resident events you guys plan. My only complaints would be 1) how thin the walls are - it’s pretty easy to hear your neighbors and 2) the size of the amenities compared to the number of residents (the gym is pretty small and gets busy quickly, there are almost never spaces open in the office/workspaces). But otherwise I have really loved living here!"
"The facility and staff are amazing , definitely luv the unexpected perks! Maintenance is always very efficient also. The location is very close to work, school and all the great downtown locations."
"We absolutely love living here. From the front desk to the well kept facilities we truly cannot say a bad thing. The sense of community and bring the residents together really shows how much they care."
"Love this apartment. Love the montly resident events. The management team is very helpful, polite and efficient. They were able to resolve a lock out situation in 15 minutes from the minute I left a message. Work order is usually completed within a day. The apt complex makes me feel safe."
"Apartment that works close to downtown. Easy to access, quality appliances and carpet. Best pool in town with a hot tub. Always someone there with a beer to share."
"Hands down the best apartment I have lived in. Staff is amazing and the building is always spotless. I love all of the resident events that happen each month. Happy to be a resident here!"
"The Alexan is in a great location with a lot of amazing people. The only reason why this isn’t 5 stars is because of the homeless population that gathers around the area. I understand that’s not necessarily the communities fault, but it is sometimes bothersome."
"I have only been here for a few days, but I already love it! I've met a lot of really cool people and I love the location. The location makes it really easy to get anywhere in downtown Denver, I have really enjoyed my experience so far!"
"The leasing staff are incredible and are great at planning community events during COVID. The apartment is gorgeous, we love our view. The amenities are great as well, love the fire pit! The residents are alright tho, some leave messes in hallways/elevators from their pets and have too much of a “party vibe”, we prefer more chill and laid back atmosphere."
"Been living for almost 7 months and have not got anything to complain.Staffs are good, maintenance crew are prompt and security makes us feel safe.Keep up the good work!!"
"The apartments are gorgeous, the amenities are wonderful and the staff is so helpful and friendly! They have made the move to Colorado so easy and I've loved my time here!"
"Love this place!! The staff is amazing! The community events are so fun and COVID friendly. Would highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to live close to downtown."
"No complaints! All the staff are super nice and welcoming. Any maintenance issues were solved efficiently. Really great and safe community to be apart of!"
"Staff and maintenance are amazing! Love the resident gatherings. Wish they could do something about locking up the mailroom and cleaning up the neighborhood."
"We love it here! The staff is so accommodating and the location is fantastic. It’s a beautiful complex with great amenities. We also love that community is important and the staff creates awesome events to bring the neighbors together."
"Easiest and best move in process I’ve ever had... the staff was so helpful and accommodating. Everything was clean, organized and ready for me to move in! I’m very excited to live here!"
"Great staff and apartments! Prices are pretty high for the amount of space you get but, other than that, I recommend this place. Location is perfect for those that like to be close to downtown but also be removed from the main action as well."
"We love living here! Management and all the employees are awesome! Alexan is situated right Downtown and it is super closed to the highway. The building is new which is always great. I love spending time in the gym as well as on the patio at the 5th floor."
"So far it’s been a really great experience and I love it! The staff have been extremely helpful and are very prompt with responding to questions. I recommend Alexan!"
"Great people here! Both the employees and the residents. Lots of events and things to do without ever having to leave the building. Highly recommended."
"Living in the Alexan on 20th has been great. The staff is amazing and friendly. Maintenance is prompt and efficient. The amenities are great and the location is perfect for waking around downtown."
"Love living here!! They’ve done a great job handling all the updates regarding COVID this year while providing fun, social distancing events over the last couple months. The leasing and maintenance staff are great, highly recommend this building as a place to call home!"
"Best leasing staff to work with in Denver!! Attentive, nice and hardworking staff that make this place a great community. Awesome apartments and layouts with great finishes. Love the amentities too."
"At first, I wasn't that excited about touring here. I had gotten here a little early and had to wait. After i viewed a floorplan I was ready to leave, until I saw Hannah! Hannah was the leasing agent at my last apartment complex and was awesome. I talked to her for a min and she showed me some additional floorplans, which I loved. I knew when I saw Hannah that this is the place I was supposed to live. They were so flexible with my move-in, answered my questions in a timely fashion and work with me all the way through."
"The leading staff here is very friendly and welcoming and there are always events going on. The property is always clean and has great amenities, my favorite being the coffee machine in the business center. The fire place out by the grills is amazing and will keep you warm even on a cold night. Love living here"
"I love my apartment. If my roommate doesn’t move out of state for Med school next year, I will be re signing my lease. I would love for my girlfriend to move in with me as well."
"I love pretty much everything about this place except for 2 things: 1) the location. There are homeless people around and I do not feel safe by myself at night. 2) there are not enough elevators and they take forever! Living here will test your patience.. but they are very dog friendly and the units are really nice so I’ll take the trade-off :)"
"The staff is extremely friendly and reliable, no complaints! They're doing a great job with handling the increase in residents and despite a noise complaint to the apartment above me, everything is great!"
"It is a good experience and we like the space in the apartment and the common space. The front door breaks about one a quarter and makes it a challenge to get in sometimes."
"The management team is wonderful. I cant express how much I am grateful of them. All of the amenities the apartment provide are clean and well taken care of !!"
"good place to live in the middle of downtown. Affordable and nice views but need for attention towards maintenance. Over all 4 star ratings is what i give"
"Great staff and love apt layout but there has been some issue with maintenance of the building itself and noise. The hallways randomly smelling of sewage is another main issue"
"The apartments are very nice to live in with plenty of space and the community here is awesome! The leasing agents are incredibly helpful and quick to fix any problem you may have. Plus they plan lots of fun (and safe) events!"
"I have enjoyed my time at the Alexan. The amenities have been very nice, and I have especially enjoyed the coffee. I look forward to the rest of my time here."
"We have lived here for 3 nights and we couldn’t be happier! We have enjoyed using the hot tub and fitness center. We have also found the people to be great!"
"Great convenient location, fun community events. Apartment has great views and is accessible via train and close to downtown. Leasing staff were so helpful, I would recommend this apartment to any friends moving to Denver!"
"Easy move in process everyone was so helpful and friendly. Super dog friendly, and they are so sweet to your dog! Apartment is spacious and beautiful"
"Alexan has great amenities and a very friendly management. All of which makes you feel right at home. I would recommend this building to anyone new to Denver."
"Spacious, comfortable, well-maintained units with small but quality community spaces. Fun and frequent community events and an always-helpful staff"
"Almost two weeks in and the Alexan has been such a great place to live! Hannah and the team are always ready to help and ease the transition of living in a new apartment, and new city."
"I love living at Alexan! The staff is so friendly, attentive, and helpful whenever I need anything. I’m sad to be leaving but I have enjoyed my time here!"
"From the moment my roommate and I looked into this complex we were given great support from the staff. They were extremely knowledgeable and responsive to our questions. I also have had great experiences with the maintenance staff - I made a call and they were to my apartment within 10 minutes. To top it off the amenities are great accompanied by an extremely friendly & welcoming community of residents! Love it here!"
"Alexan 20th street has been awesome. The staff and other community members are so friendly. The design of the rooms and complex is also on point!"
"Moving in was great. There were a few issues with the apartment that should have been caught before I moved in. Maintenance got the problems fix within a few days."
"Pros: A wonderful place. A clean look to the apartments. All staff are friendly and helpful. Fun community events. Best apartment building that I’ve stayed in in over a decade. Any maintenance issues are fixed promptly. Alexan & 20th is always seeking ways to improve their community. Cons: Price is on the higher side (yet still reasonable for location and amenities). Gym Could have a few extra pieces of equipment instead of a climbing wall. Mailroom could have a little higher security (could also just be my own experience)."
"Favorite place I’ve ever lived. AMAZING! The staff is extremely kind and the amenities will have you never wanting to leave. Only a few blocks from 16th street."
"Luxury, Comfort, Convenience, and much more! This place is where it's at. This is the best place I've leased in the past 12 years! I can't say enough great things about the staff here. The units are beautiful and well thought out. The view is phenomenal. Everything is great! No complaints. I am very satisfied with my decision to move to Alexan 20th Street Station! <3"
"I moved in from out of state and Art was so helpful throughout the entire process. I always had tons of questions and he answered them and didn’t make me feel needy lol. Also my apartment itself is super nice!"
"Great place to live. Safe super nice and dis a good job with covid restrictions. I love the layout of my studio and being right in the middle of downtown"
"We have only lived here for a few days, but the staff and the community is very nice and welcoming! Everything is very clean and I’m excited to be living here"
"The staff all around is extremely helpful, professional, and courteous. They pride themselves on their communication and ability to handle issues quickly."
"My experience at Alexan 20th Street Station has been great so far. Very friendly and helpful management staff, fun events, friendly residents."
"Great Ambience and Nice community. Excellent Maintenance service and leasing office team. All the requests have been taken care so well. Happy place!"
"I just moved in and I love it! The apartment is perfect and I love the little things like the light dimmers and the appliances. Overall i am very happy."
"My resident experience has been well so far, everything is kept clean, and overall nice community. Employees are very friendly, community events are very nice"
"It’s been nothing but great since I moved in! Great staff and happy residents. Building is well maintained as well. Also the dogs here are amazing"
"The residents and management team here are great. Everyone is super helpful and courteous. I also love all the resident events they have put on lately!"
"Other than being able to hear your neighbors once in a while, the building is great! It’s modern, clean, has a great amenities, is well managed, and is well located."
"Great experience Alexan is fun Amenities are awesome Free coffee Staff is superb Security; meh Curfew at 10pm; meh Feel safe Business center is clutch"
"Living here has been great. Staff is wonderful and the building is well taken care of. We are excited to move into a larger until and would def rec Alexan to our friends."
"Alexan on 20th has been amazing from start to finish. I personally moved from Boston so there were a lot of moving parts. Art has been a great point of contact that has been ready to help me at short notice. The apartment was better in person than virtual tour and I could not be happier. Thank you!"
"Alexan is a great building, especially for residents in their 20s-30s. There’s great events and staff that makes living here enjoyable. The apartments have good layouts and features. Great amenities!"
"I love my one bedroom apartment. The views of downtown are stunning and the front desk staff is always so quick to help me with any question or concern I have. I also love our location."
"Enjoyed working with Tara L. on renewing my lease. Love living at the Alexan 20th St and the community that thrives here. Would highly recommend to anyone relocating to the downtown Denver area"
"Having moved from Las Vegas, I love both the location and the amenities that the Alexan has to offer. Such an up and coming area! Such cute little startup businesses cropping up. And just the prefect distance from the heart of the city."
"Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I feel like I'm living in a fancy hotel with all the amenities...yet the community is very welcoming. Had an issue with my washer and it got fixed right away. Loving living here!"
"Luxurious feel with a great atmosphere. Coming from Florida to Denver I felt very welcomed. I have really enjoyed moving into the complex so far."
"awesome people, awesome management, awesome equipment . The management is friendly That's a shame that the pool only closes at te, in the evening"
"I am obsessed with this community and I love how many cute doggos there are!! I love being able to feel safe in my home but also be around people who want to have community! This apartment is beautiful also!"
"Really great so far. Staff is very helpful and, amenities are nice, and the rooms are exactly what I was looking for. Locations is decent: most useful locations around only a short walk, but hopefully the immediate surrounding area picks up to the north."
"You’re doing great. I love living here and you have made it a great place to live. I appreciate the new mailing system after several of our packages kept getting taken."
"Amazing leasing agents! Any service requests are taken care of instantly. The 24 hour security at night also makes this place feel very safe."
"Love it! Everyone has been so nice! The move in was nice and easygoing . Hayley has been the best! Super nice and professional! Its a little hard to still find some of the amenities but it has been great!"
"I absolutely love it here! The apartments are so quiet and the the front desk is always so friendly and helpful. Maintenance is also super fast."
"All around great! Awesome community events and lots of care to keep everyone safe during COVID. The community events have definitely helped break up the monotony of these difficult times while still maintaining proper social distancing."
"Our experience at the Alexan 20th has been really great. The leasing office staff is awesome and are always happy to help with anything we need."
"Great place to spend a year. Moving out because of our growing family. Great amenities, good location downtown for young professionals. It's in a location with several homeless facilities and the part of town is a little more rundown."
"In love with Alexan! Friendly neighbors and excellent front office staff and an incomparable hospitality. Art from leasing did a wonderful job in relocating us from New York to Denver and the apartment was a perfect serenity the minute we came home. Thank you Art for organizing everything from moving in to getting everything settled! We are so happy to have chosen this apartment!"
"Exceeded the expectations. Safe & proximate to everything in Downtown. Wonderful staff & prompt maintenance crew. I am new to Denver and this feels like a good place to start my life here."
"Great community to reside! Top notch amenities and top of the line appliances and smart features in apartment. Not to forget the management and maintenance team doing a great job keeping the entire building clean and making a very comfortable environment to live."
"The team here really takes care of the residents! I needed something fixed and put in a request. Within 24 hours, Justin came in for a repair. He's the best! So friendly and knowledgeable, as is the rest of the staff here."
"Art at Alexan was awesome! Got us all set up and we love our new town house. We love the look and ascetic of the Alexan. The pool and gym are great as well!"
"It's only my second day here. The residents I've met are nice and the management is very accommodating. However I was wondering why I was sneezing nonstop for a while. I noticed there's an excessive amount of animal hair that I'm tracking from the hallways to the inside of my apartment. A more frequent vacuuming in the hallways might help?"
"The staff at Alexan 20th street station go out of there way to make sure you have a great experience here! They always do fun events and are easy to get ahold of if there are any issues!"
"Love the staff and how clean the building is kept. Hannah is a rock star and always so friendly and knowledgeable. . We need to keep an eye out for the homeless. They are migrating closer to us again."
"This apartment building provides great customer service and first class amenities. Floorplans have high-end finishes, plenty of space, and very nice features."
"Couldn't have asked for a better complex to be quarantined in. Management is great and the facilities are always clean. Would definitely recommend living here!"
"The maintenance team is really on top of their work and they are very friendly. The community events put on for the residents have been great!"
"Amenities, maintenance, staff, floor plans are excellent... but the amount of noise that can be heard above & below apartments can outweigh all this. Simple walking or opening/closing windows can be heard from above - shows a lack of quality on building design."
"Move in was as easy as can be! Everyone was super helpful, I worked with Hannah and Art and they were amazing! Highly recommend! Perfect location, amentities and management!"
"This has been a great community to live in. The staff are very accommodating, friendly, and always go above and beyond. I’m very happy to be a resident here!"
"Awesome only issue is a large percentage of residents do no wear masks in community spaces like elevators and gym. It makes it very difficult to walk around when the mask ordinance is not enforced."
"Absolutely love living at the Alexan on 20th! My boyfriend and I have been here for a little over three months and we couldn't more happier with our decision to call this our home. Love the beautiful flow of our apartment. Along with all the amenities the community has to offer. Everything is always clean and the residents and staff are always friendly. Also have been loving all the fun little perks Alexan has been offering to residents lately such as the breakfast burritos and coffee, cocktails, and more!"
"Friendly staff & prompt actions to maintenance.Despite few security issues,management was proactive to solve it- I really feel safe & secured.Great work Alexan Team !!"
"The Alexan has done a great job at responding to COVID by requiring masks throughout the building and keeping common areas clean and safe. The downtown area is a more industrial with homeless facilities not far from the complex; however, the location is ideal for anyone working downtown who likes walking to work."
"Such an easy move in process. Everyone was so nice and willing to help. Art was amazing making sure we knew where everything was and made sure we had everything we needed"
"It’s been great! Met a lot of people here that I have become close with. The amenities are good and the staff is very nice. Overall I’m very happy here."
"So far, everything has been great. Moving in was super fast and easy. The staff was very welcoming and helped a lot to get us settled in. Highly recommended."
"Overall it’s been a great experience the office staff is great and the facilities are nice. Minus the issue with over crowding at the pool I’ve enjoyed my time here at the Alexan."
"So far everything has been beyond my expectations! The staff is super friendly and eager to help me when I had questions. The ameneties are fantastic and I love being in my apartment space! I get a lot of light coming through with the tall windows so that’s a plus as I work from home and need it!😊"
"The apartments are really nice and clean. I also like the key system and that you need it to enter the building and access the elevator. A tour of the amenities would have been nice since I toured my unit virtually. Also, the cleaning of the apartment itself was disappointing especially since I was told it would be getting a deep clean before arrival. There was hair in the bathroom and dryer and lint still in the filter."
"Apartment complex is in great shape and apartment itself is very nice. Still need to try out a few of the amenities and determine if the gym is open around 5 am."
"So far everything is great! The only, minor inconvenience is the seal near the door hasn't been effective 100% of the time - leading to a loud hissing sound. Otherwise all the amenities and everything else is perfect."
"Friendly and timely responses from staff made the move-in process a breeze. Our questions and concerns were always handled professionally. They made us feel welcome from the start"
"The people here are great. They are very helpful and responsive in any requests you might have for them. The apartment is squeaky clean and very well maintained. This is one of a great place I've lived."
"Will & Hannah were exceptional providing a very smooth move-in experience. The unit is very clean with outstanding finishes...the property has wonderful amenities, too!!! Love it."
"Great place so far. I love the sky deck, courtyard, and location. The residents above me are a little loud, but people will be people. I can’t wait to meet some of the residents through food trucks or a happy hour."
"I honestly think overall Alexan community is great! I love the staff and maintenance staff, they do a fantastic job. However, I do believe that as a community I feel disconnected from other members living here. There are no social events to get to know them better."
"I recently moved into Alexan and have had a great experience so far. The leasing team has been so flexible and accommodating with the move. I love the amenities in the building that make it so easy to work from home."
"We just moved in and so far everything has been great! The move in process was so easy and everyone in the building is very friendly. No complaints!"
"Everything has been good while living here at alexan. The amenities are useful such as the grilling area. We take advantage of that all the time"
"Awesome reception! We were very nervous about moving all our boxes in by hand but Alexan makes it so easy to move in with the ease of reserving an elevator and using a moving cart. Live the amenities!"
"SUPER office personnel Common areas are kept very clean Love the outdoor spaces Energy efficient apartment Fitness area has great equipment Secure garage and love bike shortage and repair room"
"Great so far! Only complaint would be that our fire alarm battery died at 3 am on our second night here which required an expensive replacement battery. Other than that, the appliances are great, the building is clean, and the leasing office staff are very helpful."
"Nothing but extremely incredible people that my boyfriend and I have dealt with while moving here. Hannah has gone above and beyond to make our move go smoothly. The apartments are absolutely gorgeous with incredible views!"
"Moving in was a breeze! Hannah has been absolutely amazing. Apartment is exactly as expected, and fairly quiet from neighbours. Maintenance is quick to respond!"
"It’s great being here I mean there’s a lot that goes on but that’s basically everywhere but I’m glad that I’m here it’s awesome I like it all."
"Awesome, friendly management team & great complex. I moved in during COVID and the management team did so much to accommodate me & help me get settled in!"
"I could not be happier with my apartment and the location of the building. The amenities and communal spaces are lovely and made it easy to meet my neighbors and other new residents!"
"I really like living in this building, I just moved in. The move in process is easy and the team is great. The only issue is the noice coming from the floor above."
"Nice and welcoming staff, great amenities and even better living spaces. The only downside is the area around it. Having a tent city just down the street is a little sketchy, but if you know which direction to take you hardly notice it."
"I think the management is great and the communication we receive about updates or announcements is clear and effective. Facilities are always clean."
"Great complex with a great location. Only con is that amenities are CONSTANTLY crowded. Not adequately designed for the size of the building."
"Staff have been incredibly helpful and nice answering all my questions and assisting with my move in. I’ve been enjoying my time here so far."
"The staff is very friendly and helpful. I am new to Denver and the staff went out of their way to give me some great coffee and brunch places to check out."
"Love the location and living in a new facility has been nice. Getting to know this neighborhood and live downtown, while having a comfortable apartment is a great way to experience Denver. I am now very excited for the pool and common spaces to reopen (safely)."
"I moved in a month ago and I'm enjoying the community so far. Although I don't see myself visiting the pool so often I find it odd that if you lose your wrist band, it can not be replaced. I understand that its meant to keep people from "losing" it and having more guests over then allowed. However, I find that charging an absurd amount to replace the band. (I.e $400) would have the same detrend result but allow those with true intentions an option to replace. I also find it unsettling that the postman leaves packages that could easily fit into mailboxes or the packages mailboxes out in the open."
"Nice apartment. Tara and Hannah are great and are always friendly and helpful. Community communication has gone from friendly to stern, ruins the vibe of management. Property upkeep could be better. Entrances, elevator lobbies and community spaces haven’t been kept up since opening the building. Takes away from the “luxury” feel which they market the community as."
"It has been great so far! Very accommodating and room is gorgeous! Trash service is a great bonus, and amenities are open which is really helpful during this pandemic !"
"Thanks for the update and for the first Tim and I will be ready for you're times and I will be in the office tomorrow to r u guys help me with this company is that the same as last time you were going to with a few people to"
"Nice people and friendly staff. Maintenance people are prompt and makes it easy. Location is also nice because it has close proximity to lot of public facilities."
"Good staff -Friendly & quick response time regarding maintenance. Good Location as it is proximate to lot of bars,restaurants,transit & other public facilities."
"All good. No issues. Great location in Denver. Good amenities and attentive staff. No issues. Maintenance trys hard. Just trying to get to 140"
"It's Great. Love it hear. the staff is the best. Wish the gym had more equipment though. I'm glad the entry system was updated, that was a good change."
"Love living here! The staff and other residents are extremely kind and easy to live with. The amenities are always clean and not too crowded. Our apartment is quiet and very nice"
"Living at the Alexan on 20th has been great. The staff is super friendly and helpful, the amenities are great, and the building is always clean. It is a great community of wonderful people. Happy that I chose this complex."
"The Alexan Staff are quick to respond to any issues that occur in the building, and are great at communicating with residents about updates, whether it be COVID related, or just the community in general."
"Our experience has been great. All of the staff are wonderful and were especially helpful and flexible when we moved in. They all know us and our dog by name! Sometimes the pool can feel like a frat party but it’s a young community so it’s understandable"
"I have been a resident for about a month now and I have met so many wonderful residents who have been friendly and very welcoming! The staff has always been very attentive and patient"
"Extremely helpful and friendly leasing staff that made our move process run perfectly smooth! Pete was amazing from the start making our transition to Denver easy. Excellent customer service all around! We’re excited to continue to explore all the amenities and what Denver has to offer"
"So far so good! Staff has been very friendly and the move in has been a breeze. Pete has been great and I am looking forward to exploring all the amenities."
"Everyone here is friendly, especially the staff. The location is great because it’s so central and walkable, and I love the apartment’s smart features and balcony."
"The staff is amazing!!! Move in was so easy with the help and direction from the staff! the amenities are top notch. Great community of people"
"Neighbors are very friendly and the staff are polite and always willing help. Amenities very modern and close to downtown so overall a great place to live."
"Everything with my move was quick and easy. Staff was wonderful to work with throughout entire process. Maintenance was helpful, knowledgeable, polite, and friendly."
"I really like it here so far. The office is quick to respond to problems. There aren’t homeless people sleeping right out of the residence. Maintenance and janitorial staff are on top of their jobs."
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