Try Takeout from Kealoha’s BBQ

ribs, chicken and ox tail from Kealoha's BBQ

Nothing beats a good meal in a beautiful setting. That’s what you find when you try takeout from Kealoha’s BBQ in your Alexan 20th Street Station luxury apartment home. See what Denver luxury living has in store for you. Pick your ideal floorplan and wrap yourself in luxury apartment features. Make relaxation a part of every day. Local restaurants and community amenities keep plenty of fun close to home. Don’t miss out on your friends or favorite eats – have everyone over for delivery or takeout. Keep living your best life right here at Alexan 20th Street Station.

Try Takeout from Kealoha’s BBQ

Nothing can take the place of genuine Hawaiian cuisine. There is something special about every dish, unique to their island. Find the special fusion of Hawaiian and Asian flavors at the kiosk of Kealoha’s BBQ. Here you will find what you had last time you were on the islands. Grab your friends, talk stories, and eat well in your new place at Alexan 20th Street Station. Fans like Alley V. share on Yelp, “Picked up their Lilikoi BBQ Chicken Plate this afternoon and it totally hit the spot. The chicken was cooked perfectly and the lilikoi bbq sauce is sweet and tangy, exactly how it should be! The woman at the window was super warm and friendly and the food is delicious – cant ask for more from a kiosk on the 16th St Mall! I will definitely be back.” Delicious!

Try takeout from Kealoha’s BBQ when you live at Alexan 20th Street Station in Denver, Colorado. Schedule your virtual tour and see what you have been missing. 

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